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Who is Kestrel Software?

Kestrel Software LLC was founded in Pawling, New York, in 2009. We initially started as a general software development and consulting firm that designed custom software for a wide range of companies in diverse industries.  However, that changed quickly once we saw how we could help the medical industry, specifically.

In 2011 we developed a web-based medical inventory software system for a large hospital in the Midwest.  This went so well that we gradually started selling a modified version of this software to more and more medical facilities. Now, we are laser-focused on what has become our flagship software program.  FlexScanMD is a flexible, cloud-based healthcare inventory management software solution.  It now supports multiple disciplines in the medical field.

Keep reading to find out more about the specialties, partners, and integrations we have carefully built since.

Why Choose Kestrel Software LLC?

Since 2009, we have specialized in our flagship medical inventory tool named FlexScanMD. Here are just some of the reasons we are uniquely positioned to provide this software:

Kestrel Software, LLC has secured partnerships and integrations with some of the largest Practice Management and Electronic Health Record (EHR) vendors in the country.  This allows FlexScanMD to seamlessly be used as an add-on inventory tracking module to their systems.

Medical Inventory Integrations

Kestrel Software LLC is proud to help so many practices in the medical community. 
We can serve single locations or a multi-location group with hundreds of locations and massive amounts of inventory.  
In order for our software to meet your specific and unique needs, we provide real-time insight into your inventory status.

But one thing that makes us stand out most is our integrations with the many popular partners that our clients may already be working with, such as AllscriptsAlteraAdvancedMDAmerisourceBergenAthenaHealthCareCloudCureMDElationHealthEpicFramesDataHintInstaMedKareoVisionWeb and many more.

Visit our Medical Inventory Integrations page on to see all our integrations.

Single Location

We work well with small medical practices at a single location. These include a single health clinic or direct primary care. But we also are happy to work with centers for dermatology, optical, pain management, or sleep management. Our software empowers your employees to increase productivity.

Multi - Location

Other businesses may operate at many locations. This brings an increased need for medical inventory management and tracking. Our inventory software shines in these situations and can result in significant organizational savings.

Multi - Large Locations

The complexities of running a large organization cannot be overstated. We love consulting with and implementing our cloud-based medical inventory software to work perfectly with the software you already use to unleash their fullest potential to track and manage inventory efficiently.

About Kestrel Software, LLC

The team we built and maintain defines our culture
We have worked hard to create software but more importantly, we improve lives...

Helping people, we feel, is what life is all about. As a team, we have crafted a variety of software applications to help people. Nothing brings us more satisfaction.

These days, almost every successful and growing company, in almost every industry, uses software to accelerate their growth.  The software helps their clients feel secure in working with them. At Kestrel Software, LLC, we aim to provide excellent support.  We also offer regular and constant improvements to our software.  This allows you to serve your clients even better.

Some Medical Specialties We Serve

Below are just a sampling of the many medical services our software tracks inventory for.

Optical Inventory Software

Simplify your optical inventory management with our optical inventory management software. It allows you to track stock and monitor levels efficiently in real-time by as many people as you would like. This has led to avoiding shortages and reducing expenses.

Durable Medical Equipment Software

Bed Railings, Canes, Commodes, Crutches, Grabbers, Knee Scooters, and so on! Our DME inventory management system is usable by anyone. Even if they have limited technical know-how. It is easily used with little guidance by teams across the healthcare sector.

Health Clinic

Health Clinics main focus is providing high-quality patient care. Our healthcare inventory management software seamlessly integrates into your existing system and allows you to ensure your patients get the best care. Our systems will help your staff maximize their efficiency, reduce waste, and better patient care.


For dermatologists having the necessary materials on hand to care for their patient's needs is vital to their success. There is nothing better than having an appropriately stocked inventory to do just that. Our FlexScanMD medical inventory management tool has been used by many in the dermatology practice. This flexible software provides you with real-time insight into the state of your inventory.

Pain Management

Keeping track of pain management inventory is an extremely important issue. If your company only has one location or many locations, FlexScanMD inventory management for pain management practices provides you with real-time insight into the state of your inventory. Our cloud-based system gives you the highest level of inventory control.

Ambulatory Surgical Center

In a high-pressure environment like a surgical center, the last thing you need is to run out of stock that is vital to your patient’s care. Our tool, FlexScanMD inventory management software, provides you with real-time insight into the state of your inventory. Our comprehensive reporting helps you make informed decisions regarding the products you keep on hand.

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